Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)

This over-the-top, semi-parody of James Bond tropes is a bad movie: it contains an overuse of cheap CGI effects, is so formulaic it makes one wince, is insufferably P.C., and delivers a glaring and consistent anti-white message.

The young, white British male protagonist “Eggsy” (played by Taron Egerton) is a lower-class British street hoodlum, complete with sloppy Cockney accent, wigger attire and swagger, and of course a black friend. He gets admitted into the Kingsman org by one “Harry Hart” (Colin Firth), drafted to become a super secret spy. With a minimal amount of training, he (and his test-market-formula-derived, attractive young female cohort) are soon jumping out of airplanes, fighting like The Matrix, and otherwise shown engaging in lavishly implausible, RPG-styled action sequences that are actually more a parody of Matrix-styled fighting.

Samuel L. Jackson, doing his Samuel L. Jackson thing, plays Samuel L. Jackson, er… I mean “Richmond Valentine”, a ghetto-hip-hop-attire-wearing villain who speaks ghetto, but who just happens to be a billionaire tech inventor. Just like in real life!

Michael Caine phones it in.

Valentine gives out free cell phones to the world, ensuring that his dastardly technology, at his command, will send a pulse into the masses’ brains, causing them to go into a killing frenzy against anyone next to them. Valentine tests his technology at, of all places, a Westboro Church type of fire & brimstone house of worship in the deep south. In this church sequence, we first see a preacher before his flock, railing vindictively against “Jews and niggers”. (We even see a Confederate flag in the entranceway to the church.) As Valentine activates the pulse to the church attendees, they then embark on a frenzied violent rampage amongst each other, essentially killing each other off within the confines of the church. This violence is presented to the audience with comic glee, because, after all, they are racist southern rednecks and deserve it.

When the moment for Valentine to activate his destructive tech worldwide comes about, it is curiously only whites shown attacking each other across the globe. In addition, the various corrupt world leaders who have conspired with Valentine are all white world leaders with incisions behind their ears, the thick-accented German Primer Minister being the most prominent. What daring writing.

In the film’s finale, the heads of these corrupt world leaders all collectively explode (part of Valentine’s plan) in a stylistic way intended to make the audience laugh.

In the film’s coda, Eggsy, who has just saved the world, has the attractive female Swedish prime minister fulfill her promise that, if he saves the world, she will let him have sex with her “in the asshole”. (We are even shown her naked ass presented to him.)

Yes, this is the tripe a Jewish dominated Hollywood green-lights for mass consumption.

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