KMac: “Harvey Weinstein: Revenge and Domination as Jewish Motives”

Kevin MacDonald writes on “Harvey Weinstein: Revenge and Domination as Jewish Motives”:

Revenge is important — even critical — in understanding the main currents of Jewish behavior…

Revenge for the history of anti-Semitism is never mentioned, but the desire for attaining power over shiksa females, and particularly to degrade them is very apparent — the ultimate symbol of dominance is the ability to degrade with impunity.

The evolutionary perspective also predicts that Jews would take greatest satisfaction out of conquering and debasing women who are relatively high status because these women are the most valued by their male competitors. Outgroup females  are especially valued if they are from a high-status group (e.g., sexually abusing WASP women from upper-middle class families would be more appealing than, say, sexually abusing lower class Black women…

From this perspective, sexually abusing gentile women with impunity and taking advantage of gentile women who willingly give sexual favors because of the advantages to be gained from wealthy, powerful Jewish men are the ultimate aphrodisiacs for Jewish men — and particularly if they are sociopaths like Weinstein. This would be especially the case if the women are very attractive and sought after in the game of intra-male sexual competition, such as movie stars.

The same dynamic is going on throughout the West as a result of African and Muslim migration. Especially in the UK we read of grooming gangs that exploit White girls, unprecedented levels of rape and other forms of sexual assault. When you conquer another people, you take their women.

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