Krauthammer on Krauthammer

With Krauthammer’s book now #1 on the NYT non-fiction bestseller list, Politico has an article “Krauthammer on Krauthammer”.

Of the widespread resonance his writing has in the Beltway:

On Capitol Hill, Krauthammer’s columns are read religiously by Republican members and their staff, according to Congressional aides. “I think many conservatives, including Members of Congress, admire his ability to crystallize their doubts and concerns about the President’s policies in sharp, clear language,” said Michael Steel, spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). “I feel like the reaction to many of his columns is, ‘That’s exactly what I thought, but he said it better than I ever could.’”

And Bill Kristol accurately captures the unique appeal of Krauthammer:

“There are many people who have extremely firm judgments and opinions — they have 150 a day — but they don’t know anything,” said Bill Kristol, the Weekly Standard editor. “Then there are the people who have been around for a while who mostly hedge and equivocate and don’t want to make a firm judgment. Charles is extremely knowledgeable…but also willing to make very firm pronouncements.”

While I sometimes disagree with Krauthammer on high-level subjects (he falls into the jewish neoconservative stereotype on foreign policy adventurism & illegal immigration), he is nonetheless one of the best mainstream pundits in circulation, and his appearances on the crusty ‘n dusty FNC are always choice.

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