Kurt vs. the Strobe Lights

Remember Kurt Eichenwald, the whacked-out, and clearly unbalanced, Newspeak columnist who epically failed on Tucker’s show? Well, Eichenwald is now saying an animated GIF tweeted to him has caused him to have a seizure, and now the person who sent that tweet (“@jew_goldstein”, recently doxxed as U.S. Marine John Rivello) is facing 10 years in prison.

“The Kurt Eichenwald Survival Guide” by Swog Blog demonstrates what trolling, its political reality and its political potential, is all about.

Where is the GoFundMe for Rivello?

As one commenter notes about Eichenwald: “He’s all-in on his lie, just like Costanza when he claimed to own a house w/horses in the Hamptons.”

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