Language as a Weapon

Invited onstage, a white woman simply sings Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics, which is a cardinal sin… for a white person.

The Racial Culture War is being fought in the trenches of grammar.

Grammar is a weapon, a nexus of power.

The N-word moves from being a word with a complicated history to being a totem, a talismanic signifier of identity, closed off to others.

Collectively, we can sense in the air a Coming Era where certain people (white people) saying certain words is not only frowned upon socially, but becomes a crime (with the full force of the government standing behind the prohibition), as we are seeing happen in Britain today.

The instances are many: Michael Eric Dyson’s grunting and predatory taunting of Jordan Peterson (see 0:30 to 0:46, as well as elsewhere in this video), simply for uttering a phrase with the remotest possibility of being misinterpreted along PC grammar rules, is the same dynamic.

The speech utterance itself, regardless of context, becomes an assertion, confession, and ‘empirical’ proof of the speaker’s racism.

Throw the principle of charity out the window. It is itself a tool of the white supremacist cishet patriarchy.

Because society has capitulated on the N-word (Sidenote: it disgusts me that I myself feel compelled to say “N-word”, for rational fear of hassles & headaches I neither want nor need), the PC Brigade smells blood in the air, as well as a path to victory, so the dynamic naturally expands to wider domains of language.

“Meritocracy”? Racist.

“Objectivity”? Racist.

“The West”? Racist.

Ad infinitum.

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