Le Pens: Speech Codes in France

As has been previously mentioned, France’s National Front party is primed to sweep the may 2014 elections, which will be an incredibly important moment in EU politics:

Nearly one-quarter of French voters would vote for France’s National Front in May 2014 European Parliament elections, according to a new poll of voting intentions. The far-right party garnered 24 percent, reinforcing a rightward swing across the EU…

NationalFrontIt’s the first time the National Front has topped a pre-election poll ahead of France’s two mainstream political parties, ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy’s center-right Union for a Popular Movement (UPM), picked by 22 percent of voters, and President Francois Hollande’s centrist Socialist Party, picked by 19 percent.

The ‘silent majority’ of French whites who harbor rational ethnocentric concerns apply their support of National Front quietly, on the down-low, and out of necessity.

Why? Because to speak candidly about national identity in terms of race and ethnicity poses a real and serious risk to one’s well being. France, like most of Western Europe, has nothing comparable to a First Amendment right to free speech. What they have there are Orwellian speech codes, designed by a socialist bureaucratic state, which can lead to fines or imprisonment.

Just recently, National Front founder Jean Marie La Pen experienced this:

Jean Marie Le Pen, the former leader of French extreme-right group the National Front, has been fined €5,000 for suggesting Romanians were “naturally” inclined to steal.

Speaking at a rally in September last year, he said that Romanians “are like birds… they fly (voler) naturally,” French newspaper Libération reported.

The French verb “voler” means both to fly and to steal.

A Paris court ruled that the 85-year-old politician, who is also the founder of the National Front, was guilty of publicly insulting a group of people based on their ethnicity. The prosecution had requested a two year suspended sentence for Le Pen…

The State also went after La Pen’s daughter, Marine, who will someday become President of France. (In the 2012 French presidential election, she pulled 17.9% of the vote, behind winner François Hollande (28.63%) and incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy (27.18%).

Le Pen’s daughter Marine, who is currently the party’s leader, recently lost her parliamentary immunity after comparing Muslim prayers in the street to the Nazi occupation. She is reportedly facing charges of inciting racial hatred…

“For those who like to talk about World War Two, to talk about occupation, we could talk about, for once, the occupation of our territory. There are no armoured vehicles, no soldiers, but it is an occupation all the same, and it weighs on people,” she said at a 2010 party rally.

The President of France’s Union of Jewish Students Jonathan Hayoun said the verdict revealed how “one of the National Front’s leaders continues to hold racist views.”

If you’ve never seen what Muslims praying in the streets in France looks like, then watch this:

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