Lots of Bergs

Recent NYT political-diversity hire Michelle Goldberg defends recent public uncivility to various Trump admin personnel because of…. muh abortion bombings from 30 yrs ago! “It’s a little more complicated when the professional racist is the president of the United States”, she writes. In such cases, there’s a “moral and psychic cost” to treat such persona as anything less than villains.

She then pulls out every timeworn trope of the past year and a half, throws them into a blender, and spits out the following, rather confused, NYT op-ed version of autistic screeching:

I don’t blame staff members at the Virginia restaurant, the Red Hen, for not wanting to help Sanders unwind after a hard week of lying to the public about mass child abuse. Particularly when Sanders’s own administration is fighting to let private businesses discriminate against gay people, who, unlike mendacious press secretaries, are a protected class under many civil rights laws.

Whether or not you think public shaming should be happening, it’s important to understand why it’s happening. It’s less a result of a breakdown in civility than a breakdown of democracy. Though it’s tiresome to repeat it, Donald Trump eked out his minority victory with help from a hostile foreign power…

[M]illions and millions of Americans watch helplessly as the president cages children, dehumanizes immigrants, spurns other democracies, guts health care protections, uses his office to enrich himself and turns public life into a deranged phantasmagoria with his incontinent flood of lies.

Brave op-ed, Michelle! Way to challenge conventional NYT wisdom! Please, next time let us all know if you think there’s a Trump-Hitler parallel: we’re dying to know what you think about this controversial position!

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