Mark Blyth on the 2016 US Election Results

From Tucker Carlson’s show tonight:

Here is the Mark Blyth talk from this past Nov that Tucker praised tonight:

Check out the first 10 min. After that, it peters out although there are occasional salient moments.

Blyth is, by all indications, a liberal (maybe even an economic Marxist, I haven’t checked) and someone who doesn’t like Trump nor the nationalist parties in Europe.

However, Blyth truly believes “the era of neo-liberalism is over and the era of neo-nationalism has just begun”. In this sense, I would categorize him as representative of the ‘Alt Left’ — a term that Hannity has woefully ruined but that ought to refer to leftists who have come round to realizing the importance of economic nationalism.

Is the rising wave of populism we are witnessing around the Western world a sign of a profound crisis which late capitalism (i.e., neo-liberal capitalism) is facing?

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