Mark Bray: The Button-Down Anarchist

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a profile of anarchist Mark Bray, author of The Antifa Handbook and, as a current professor at Dartmouth, is the intellectual ‘face’ of Antifa (“The Button-Down Anarchist”.)

Bray is a guy who takes the overt position that some forms of speech (i.e, ‘hate speech’ which invariably only involves pro-white-identity speech) should not be allowed a platform, a testament to how normalized the modern Left’s anti-free-speech agenda is becoming. On the question of violence, Bray says things like “It’s complicated” before delving into tropes about Antifa being formed as an act of “self defense”, and what this implicitly entails. “When pushed,” he says cryptically, “self-defense is a legitimate response.”

‘When pushed?’… ‘Self-defense’?… What is that supposed to mean?

Elsewhere in the piece, Bray is quoted as follows:

“The way that white supremacy grows, the way that neo-Nazism grows,” he said, “is by becoming legitimate, becoming established, becoming everyday, family-friendly.” Antifa’s project, he argued, is to “pull the emergency brake and say, You can’t make this normal.”

Or, in another context, the All Purpose Rationale For Any Leftist Act of Violence™ is… drumroll… Hitler!

“We don’t look back at the Weimar Republic today and celebrate them for allowing Nazis to have their free-speech rights,” he says. “We look back and say, Why didn’t they do something?”

This is who Dartmouth hires these days for a professorship, though is continued marketability is an open question:

His current position at Dartmouth will end in the spring, so he’s on the job market. It remains to be seen whether hiring committees will see his high-profile public scholarship as a boon or a liability.

After reading this piece’s account of the massive, 100+ Dartmouth professor, Virtue Signaling Support Team Parade he assembled when confronted with some mild criticism by Dartmouth’ss President, I know which side I’m betting on. An Emeritus slot, somewhere, is probably in this guy’s cards.

And then we have this passage:

Mark Bray’s parents tell a story about their son. In Hebrew school, he took on the role of defense attorney in a mock trial. His client was a man who had been sentenced to death by God. To the teacher’s dismay, the class bought Mark Bray’s argument. They decided that God had been wrong to kill the man.

So, the intellectual ‘face’ of Antifa went to Hebrew school?


Imagine my surprise.

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