Math Meritocracy

Last year we learned that civility in the classroom is a tool of whiteness. Now we learn, from a Jewish academic, that math meritocracy is a tool of whiteness as well.

Who knew! It’s only Jan 9th, so it’s gonna be a great year! At the rate the Left is going, existence itself will be interpreted as a tool of whiteness, and the explanans of non-white failure.

A math professor at Brooklyn College wrote an academic paper contending that meritocracy in math class holds back racial minorities and is a tool of “whiteness,” Campus Reform reported on Monday.

Professor Laurie Rubel, a former high school teacher, wrote the article in the Journal of Urban Mathematics Education. She reportedly contends that meritocracy is oftentimes associated with hard work, but it ignores “systematic barriers” that prevent the opportunity of success.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that even teaching “social justice” can be a tool of whiteness.

Rubel reportedly recommended that math teachers use more social justice issues during lessons. Rubel, however, warned that teaching “social justice” can also be a tool of whiteness if teachers are ignorant to the experiences of their minority students.

Campus Reform linked out to a PDF file of the article where Rubel cites another scholarly article to make the case that, “Teachers often view participation of marginalized students as off-task, unproductive, or distracting, even when it reflects students’ membership of and competence in another social context, unbeknownst to the teacher.”

No wonder, nowadays, that even white liberals have to tip-toe, like they were walking on egg shells, when interacting with non-whites. Long term consequence of this strategem: increasingly, whites will avoid any and all social interactions with non-whites, which in turn exacerbates racial re-segregation… so things are looking good!

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