McCain: Islamic Rage Against America Caused By…

The venerable Sen. John McCain, who has referred to Trump supporters as ‘Whack-a-Birds’, believes the cause of any Muslim antagonism to the U.S. (and, by extension, modernity) is…. wait for it… Donald Trump. From Brietbart:

On Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s rhetoric was turning Muslims “against the United States of America.”

McCain said, “As all of our candidates bloviate about the refugees, Bashar Assad is a major cause of the refugees which are now flooding Europe and causing such consternation in the United States.”

When asked specifically about Donald Trumps rhetoric McCain said, “I think it has an interesting effect of turning Muslims all over the world against the United States of America which is 99 and 44/100 percent of people who practice honorable religion…”

This was the guy Alt Right conservatives had as their candidate in 2008.

Think about that.

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