McConaughey to Play Randall Flagg in 4-Film Adaptation of “The Stand”

I’m glad to see the McConaissance crossing paths with Stephen King’s best novel, the absolutely superlative novel The Stand:

Matthew McConaughey is tipped to take the role of villainous Randall Flagg in The Stand, a Hollywood franchise based on the 1978 Stephen King novel. Backed by Warner Bros, The Stand will be released as four standalone pictures directed by Josh Boone. Discussing the project on Kevin Smith’s podcast, Boone described The Stand as “the Godfather of post-apocalyptic thrillers.”

Conceived as an American version of The Lord of the Rings, King’s 1200-page epic spotlights the battle between good and evil after a deadly virus has wiped out the bulk of the world’s population. McConaughey looks set to play the story’s chief antagonist, a grinning cowboy with supernatural powers who establishes a power base in the ruins of Las Vegas.

The made-for-TV miniseries of The Stand, which came out about 15 years ago, was an abomination.

It’s a fair assumption that Boone’s version will be worlds better.

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