Mediate: “Is That Cute Kid Trump Met at the White House Today Making the Pepe Symbol?”

When it comes to all things Alt-Right, Jewish paranoia is quite boundless. Jon Levine (ahem) frets anxiously, asking “Is That Cute Kid Trump Met at the White House Today Making the Pepe Symbol?”:

Young boy giving secret ‘Heil Hitler!’ salute.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday took time away from berating his staff and making wiretapping claims to drop in on a group of visiting students from Birmingham Alabama’s Briarwood Christian School who were taking a tour of the White House.

Things stayed pretty on script as Trump invited a 10-year-old to pose with him for the cameras. The touching moment was captured in a brief video posted to CSPAN, which ultimately made its way to their Twitter account.

Largely unnoticed, however, was a curious hand gesture made by the 10-year-old toward the end of the footage. In a simpler time, the gesture could have been written off as an “ok” symbol… but not today. The hand movement bears a striking similarity to one that has often been made by the ultimate Trump meme warrior, Pepe the Frog.

Who spilled the beans?!

Now everyone knows the Trump gesture is our in-group, ‘secret handshake’, Heil Hitler, 14/88 salute!

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