Megyn Kelley vs. Trump

NYT_2015_09_17I’m watching Megyn Kelley right now (her show, that is) and it is a full-blown campaign advertisement for Carly Fiorina, strikingly similar to the NYT’s front page story today.

MK has assembled about 12 GOP voters on a panel, and prefaces it with:

A) Various quotes from RINO sources (e.g., Weekly Standard, Bloomberg News) regarding how ‘Carly won last night’s debate’.

B) Showing an assemblage of Fiorina clips from last night’s debate.

MK further leads the 12 panel members to water (CF) in various other ways, blatantly trying to gin-up momentum for CF.

It’s clear that MK despises Trump.

It’s clear that MK believes Trump to be misogynist.

It’s clear that MK is seeking revenge on Trump leading to her own forced two week vacation, after the first debate.

It’s clear that MK is jumping the shark.


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