Mel Gibson & The Stolen Copy of The Passion

Glenn ‘The Fat Hippie’ Beck recently spoke with Mel Gibson privately, in an off the record conversation… which Beck of course then publicized (before trying to take his video down.)

From The Forward:

melgibson02A post on Beck’s website, which has since been taken down – but still can be found through Google’s caching mechanism – talked about “an incredible 90-minute, off-the-record conversation with no cameras around” that Beck had with Gibson in late August. They apparently spoke while attending a screening of Gibson’s new movie, “Hacksaw Ridge.”…

“He was horribly angry and had so much anger at him from all kinds of stuff — he was twisted, he was drunk, he was high — and he was lashing out at that group of Jews, not Jews in general,” the post continued. “Glenn asked a final question about Passion of the Christ and if, knowing everything that would happen, he would make the movie again. Gibson immediately said ‘yes.’” When Beck asked Gibson if he would have changed anything, according to the post, Gibson replied, “Nothing with the movie. I would change me.”

“I kind of got the impression — I don’t even know if this is true — that Mel has really turned his life around, you know, he’s an alcoholic with ten years of sobriety behind him. He’s really changed. He’s learned a lot. And he’s kind of alone,” the post quoted Beck as saying.

Here’s the money quote:

The Daily Beast quoted Beck recalling Gibson’s comments in a since removed video about their conversation: “And then some Jewish people — I guess some rabbis or something, I didn’t get into it — somebody stole a copy of the movie before it was shown to anybody… And then they did a deal in The New York Times with all these rabbis trashing him as an anti-Semite. And he said, ‘I couldn’t believe it… Nobody was really upset that these guys stole the movie…’

Assuming Gibson’s allegation of the stolen film and NYT-Rabbi complicity is true, shouldn’t this be a newsworthy item?

I wonder why it isn’t?

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