Merkel Deputy: Give Young “Remain” Voters German Citizenship

Snide and snotty remarks from E.U. mafioso continue:

Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel suggested that Germany could offer citizenship to young Britons, saying they shouldn’t be punished by the majority that voted to leave the European Union in the U.K. referendum…

In the 18-to-24 age bracket, more than 70 percent voted ‘Remain’ in the June 23 Brexit referendum, according to YouGov polling, while 52 percent of the country as a whole voted to leave the EU. That split should inspire the Social Democrats to expand their long-standing push for Germany to ease the granting of dual citizenship, Gabriel said.

Gabriel is on to something here. It’s actually a plan that Alt-Righters should support. The fastrack to German citizenship is a good idea, not the dual citizenship part though. If, in fleeing to Germany and getting citizenship there, young libs were ipso facto forced to renounce their U.K. citizenship, you’d have a wonderful dynamic of a continuous stream of progressives leaving the U.K, thereby making the U.K. proportionally more conservative over time.

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