Mixed Fruit

When I was in Italy a couple years ago, I spoke with several random folks (inn-keepers, etc.) about the immigration problem in Italy. To a tee, and after some initial resistance, they all agreed with me as argued the basic white racial consciousness argument.

“But why,” I would then ask, “doesn’t anyone say anything about it?”

And to a tee, the answer was post-Mussolini guilt. One of my interlocuters even volunteered to me the Italian word for ‘political correctness.’

So why would anyone of Italian descent (by that, I mean the real, DNA-driven, Italians — ones with olive skin and black hair — not fake ones from Northern Africa) be upset at their new “Integration Minister“?

Integration minister Cecile Kyenge, who was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, was making a speech at the Friday rally when a member of the audience began to launch the pieces of fruit towards her. The bananas missed the podium where she was speaking but the incident drew a deluge of condemnation in the media, where politicians and commentators lamented the shame brought on the country by the actions of the far-right…

The treatment of Ms Kyenge has thrown a spotlight on the ugly racist currents running through some strands of society in Italy, a country grappling with tensions over rising levels of immigration, particularly from North Africa.

Since her appointment in April she has suffered a campaign of harassment from far-right groups angered by her campaign to make it easier for immigrants to gain Italian citizenship.

So, this African-born ‘Integration Minister’ wants to implement an anchor-baby phenomenon, like we have here in the U.S.

Shortly before Friday’s incident, members of the right-wing Forza Nuova group left mannequins covered in fake blood at the site of the rally in Cervia, central Italy, in protest against Ms Kyenge’s proposal to make anyone born on Italian soil a citizen.

“Immigration kills,” was written on leaflets left with the dummies – a slogan Forza Nuova has previously used to highlight murders committed by immigrants in Italy…

The insults directed at Ms Kyenge since she took office have frequently come from other politicians. Earlier this month a senior parliamentarian in the anti-immigration Northern League party likened her to an orangutan and only apologised after a storm of criticism.

And while many Americans actually believe whites here are the most ‘racist’ of the world, they have no idea.

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