Mizzou TA’s Vibrant Diversity

He became violent with a relative who didn’t wear her hijab:

A Benghazi native who recently served as a teaching assistant at the University of Missouri was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of child abuse after police said he “very violently” pulled a 14-year-old female relative out of school by her hair because she wasn’t wearing a Muslim headscarf, the Columbia Tribune reported.

Youssif Z. Omar pulled the female relative down a flight of stairs and outside of Hickman High School on Tuesday when he noticed she was not wearing a hijab, Officer Latisha Stroer said in an email to the Tribune. Omar is also accused of slapping the girl’s face, Stroer said.

I’m sure the Univ of Missouri’s ‘safe spaces’ crowd will come to her defense and strongly protest the belief system that perpetuates such violent behavior.

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