Mom, Dad, and W to the Rescue!

Jeb is consulting with Mommy, Daddy, and his Big Brother on how to deal with Trump. They have a surefire strategy: deploy the same losing strategy GOP, Inc has been practicing for the past 15 years!

Jeb Bush met donors Monday along with his brother — former president George W. Bush — and their conversation included apparent references to front-runner Donald Trump’s comments about 9/11 and immigration…¡Jeb!

[D]uring a discussion of Jeb Bush’s ability to speak Spanish, George W. Bush said his brother “is going to win the Latino vote which is essential to winning” — and added that it’s essential not to “irritate the Latino vote.”

When a GOP candidate argues (as a first principle) that we must not “irritate the Latino vote”, that candidate has lost his base.

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