Momma Borat’s Shoplifting… er, I Mean Depression

I’m not sure where in the Koran it condones theft, but then I forgot: as long as one is stealing from the infidels, I suppose, it’s okay. After all, if sawing the head off a civilian infidel (or setting off bombs amidst crowds of civilian infidels) is okay, then nicking some Lord & Taylor merch is small potatoes.

The WSJ has some hilarious details babout Momma Borat’s penchant for shoplifting, focusing on her theft at Lord & Taylor less than a year ago:

Ms. Tsarnaeva said in the interview that her shoplifting charge was simply the result of a misunderstanding. She had been suffering from a bout of depression, she said, and when she was feeling bad she would try to give her children a lot of gifts “so that they had everything.”

I gotta give her credit for learning the vocabulary of Therapeutic Nation.

She said she had bought a lot of clothes for her daughters online. She went to Lord & Taylor to return some of the items, but had no receipt. She said she had had another shoplifting incident, and the case was resolved when she agreed to see a psychologist. Daniel J. Cappetta, Ms. Tsarnaeva’s attorney, decline to comment on the case.

Naturally. Massachusetts: If caught shoplifting, just cite depression and get sent to a psychologist. (Anyone wanna guess of said shrink visit was taxpayer funded?)

A female crime-prevention officer at the Natick Lord & Taylor told police that she had seen Ms. Tsarnaeva through a drape over the fitting room door using scissors to remove security tags from the dresses and stuff the dresses into a bag she had been carrying, according to court records.

Yup. Classic signs of depression.

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