Monika & Damien

Aeon has “Eyes of Exodus”, a 28 min documentary about Syrian ‘refugees’ (henceforth: invaders) swarming a tiny Greek island of only 300 native inhabitants. The documentary is directed by Alexandra Liveris, who appears to be your typical NYC liberal. The film emphasizes the relatively small number of women and children that comprise the invaders. You’d never guess that upwards of 90% of Syrian invaders are men between the ages of 18 and 35.

Monika & Damien are a friendly couple on the island who own a gift shop, and who house & feed as many invaders as they can, often for free or for a greatly discounted rate.

But then check out the 17:45 marker, where they suddenly do an about-face. They’ve discovered that, via FB et al, the invaders are virally spreading info to future invaders. “Go and find Monika & Damien, they’re stupid.” The invaders are, in essence, laughing at their altruism and gullibility, as Damien tells others.

“We have no choice but to stop.”

Mind you, the couple are themselves obviously liberals. We see Monika, the wife, advising some invaders of where to go in Holland and Sweden, and how she will provide them with contacts.

Also check out 23:46 to 25:50, where (6 months after the earlier part of the documentary has taken place), we learn of developments between Monika & Damien.

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