Muslim Migrants: Chain Migration – Pt. 2,418

Here’s a blog report on one Daham Mahmoud Al Hasan, a ‘refugee’ from ‘Syria’ who slipped into Denmark, and has now won the right to bring his 3 wives and 20 children to live with him:

This means that the total “family” which this one nonwhite has been able to bring into Europe will total 24 persons—all of them living off the Danish taxpayer.

This is in spite of the fact that Danish law forbids polygamy—as does all laws in Europe.

To add insult to injury, 47-year-old Al Hasan, does not work at all, and claims he is “sick” with “pains in the leg and back.”…

In an interview with the Ekstra Bladet, Al Hasan said he thought his current welfare payment was “too low” and complained that he still has to pay the “anonymous and illegal people smugglers” who will help his other two wives and twelve children through the Kurdish border area.

In addition, Al Hasan has refused to even attend Danish language classes, claiming that he is in “too much pain” to learn the language.

Celebrate Diversity™!

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