From the Daily Mail:

Despite being just the size of an insect, tiny military weapons being developed by the military have the incredible power of hundreds of tons of TNT.

In a new book, Louis del Monte, a physicist from Minnesora warns that these tiny weapons – dubbed ‘nanoweapons’ – could lead to the most destructive world war yet which could spell the end for humanity.

And this isn’t just a long-term worry, as Mr del Monte has warned that the tiny weapons could render humans extinct by the end of the century.

Mr del Monte believes that the advancement of nanotechnology could be even more dangerous than conventional nuclear weapons.

The US, Russia and China are all currently investing billions in research, according to his book ‘Nanoweapons: A Growing Threat To Humanity’ which is published by the University of Nebraska Press.

This technology, which could create insect-sized lethal weapons, will incite world governments to compete in the deadliest arms race ever, Mr del Monte says.

‘Nanoweapons are the most likely military weapons to render humanity extinct in this century’, he writes…

‘Obviously nanoweapons are at the top of the list, having a one in 20 chance of causing human extinction by the end of this century.’

This prediction was first made in 2008 by experts at the Global Catastrophic Risk Conference at the University of Oxford who said molecular nanotechnology was the one of the most likely ways that humans would be exterminated.

As I have previously written, methinx that, given enough time, the probability of human extinction due to nanotechnology approaches 100%.

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