Nationalist Update from Europe

Hunter Wallace provides a “Nationalist Update from Europe”:

  • The latest polls show that the Sweden Democrats, a patriotic and anti-immigration party, are now the most popular party in Sweden with 28.8% support – 7 points higher than the Socialists. All of the other parties have ruled out forming a coalition with the Sweden Democrats.
  • Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party is leading the polls in the Netherlands, though it is fallen slightly in popularity over the last month. A new poll shows his party, which campaigns mostly against Islamic immigration and the European Union, would win 25 of the 150 seats in the national government. All of the other parties have ruled out forming a coalition with the Freedom Party. Wilders has called for a referendum on EU membership – which is unlikely to happen because it would require a two-thirds vote in Parliament, CNBC reports.
  • The European Union parliament, as if to demonstrate its draconian and anti-White agenda, has granted its president powers to pull the plug on televised “racist” or “hate” speech – meaning anything establishment politicians find objectionable.
  • Nigel Farage said in a recent Fox News interview that “The European Union is dying before our very eyes. The only question is, how long will it take?” The European Commission’s president recently issued a paper examining different break-up scenarios for the EU.
  • Hungary’s parliament has passed a law requiring that all Third World migrants be detained in border camps until their applications for asylum are processed. The BBC reports that in 2016 Hungary registered 29,432 asylum applications and accepted only 425. Hungary’s border fence across the frontier with Serbia is due to be completed in May and will have night cameras and heat and motion sensors. Prime Minister Viktor Orban recently said that “ethnic homogeneity” is vital for economic success and that “too much mixing causes trouble.” He also said his government will not “risk changing the fundamental ethnic character of the country.”
  • Marine Le Pen of the Front National is leading the polls for the first round of the French presidential election. She stands at 27% in a crowded field. Scandal-plagued moderate Francois Fillon has won the nomination of the Republican bloc, though polls show that if he were replaced by the more popular Alain Juppe the party would defeat Le Pen in the first round. The euro is down against the dollar based largely on the positive news out of France for nationalists. The French Socialist party, which has essentially become the party of Third World immigrants, trails badly in the polls.
  • The Alternative for Germany party rests at about 10% support nationally, down from 15% after a coordinated attack by the mainstream media to portray its leaders as Nazis and its supporters as “enraged citizens on the Right.” The next German national election takes place in 7 months. Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has led the push to settle millions of Muslim migrants into Europe, is now badly trailing Socialist candidate Martin Schulz.
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