Nehlen’s Unforgivable Sin

Bannon and Breitbart pivot to Full Cuck Mode, ending their support of Paul Nehlen due to the horrifying fact that Nehlen is currently reading Kmac’s CoC:

Breitbart executive chairman Steve Bannon has cut ties with Paul Nehlen, the far-right activist who is challenging Paul Ryan for his congressional seat and who has received extremely favorable coverage from Breitbart in the past.

“Nehlen is dead to us,” said Arthur Schwartz, an adviser of Bannon’s who is familiar with the former White House chief strategist’s thinking.

Nehlen, who became a lightning rod for his anti-immigrant views, has escalated his rhetoric in recent days with a number of incendiary tweets.

In one tweet, Nehlen proudly revealed that he is reading “The Culture of Critique,” a book about Jewish culture widely considered to be anti-semitic. In other tweets, he has used the “#ItsOkayToBeWhite” hashtag.

The inflammatory online activity has drawn fierce scrutiny from Nehlen’s critics, and beckoned the question whether Breitbart, which previously published highly supportive coverage of his candidacy, still supported him.

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