Norman Rockwell’s America Was White

My vain attempt to red-pill Rod Dreher types continues. To his piece today titled “All Cultures Are Not Equal”, I typed the following into his comments section:

What we are seeing is the Left, in their hysteria, make the precise points that paleoconservatives have been making for quite some time. If you are opposed to mass immigration from the Third World, for instance, you are necessarily making an induction that such immigration is qualitatively different than immigration of indigenous Europeans (aka ‘whites’). There is no way around this.

The views of the Left on this matter are a necessary auxiliary hypothesis, a logical endpoint, when one denies race realism and fails to acknowledge Huntington’s thesis on the seminal role white dissident Protestantism has played in the formation of the modern West. To the Left, Amy Wax’s view on middle class norms is “white hetero-patriarchal respectability”, just as Trump’s Warsaw speech defending the uniqueness of Western Civilization is “white supremacist”. The same liberals pointed out (correctly) that the Tea Party rallies of 2009 were almost entirely white. If you’re a race denialist, this becomes the only way to explain the overwhelming whiteness of the phenomena. Norman Rockwell’s America is, or rather was, white.

If you accept one of the Left’s premises – i.e., a tabula rasa view wherein race plays no part in the organic, many-centuries-long establishment of middle class norms — these Leftists have a valid thesis. Even ‘civic nationalist’ conservatives are ultimately forced into the same position if/when they avoid the subject and become de facto race denialists.

In “A Troublesome Inheritance”, Nicholas Wade ably demonstrates how the selective pressures associated with different geographies and their evolutionary challenges leads not only to group differences in IQ but group differences in a whole constellation of predispositions (e.g., norms of reciprocity and trust; altruism; temperament; sociability; moral character; propensity for deferred gratification, risk planning, aggression, criminality; etc.), with these predispositions being themselves a confluence of genetic factors. The group differences are real and measurable. And these group differences correlate, naturally, along racial lines. In short, different civilizations are borne of different races. It is why different civilizations and, in the modern era, different nation-states coalesce along predominately ethnic (racial) lines.

Wade shows, for example, how the unique qualities of Chinese civilization ultimately correlate with the evolved traits of the Chinese race, just as the quite different qualities of Anglo culture correlate with the different qualities of the indigenous English race. The same is true, of course, of the very different Arab and African civilizations.

I often recommend Wade’s book as a first step towards getting ‘red-pilled’ on the issue of race realism, before recommending works by other scholars who have studied deeper aspects of race (e.g., J. Philippe Rushton’s application of r/K selection theory to race; the vast literature on race and IQ by Charles Murray and many others; Richard Lynn on dysgenics; etc.)

The grand liberal experiment of post-1965 immigration policies (fueled by naïve, idealistic Judeo-Christian views of human nature), which is making the white-dominant demographics of the West into projected white minorities in just a few generations, is the great disaster in the making we are now beginning to feel the real effects of. These demographic projections ensure what we are witnessing now is only going to get worse, as new majorities of non-whites translate into permanent electoral victories, aided and abetted by liberal Christian apologetics from self-loathing whites.

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