Normie Michael Knowles: “What is the Alt-Right?”

He’s wrong on a lot of central points. I note some of them below the video:

1) The Alt Right is organic and has no leaders, despite any attempts by any one figure to appear as its ‘leader’. Like the Tea Party, the AR is a bottom up phenomenon. (The MSM, of course, wants to put a ‘face’ on it, so they go to one person.) Putting RamZPaul as one of the “leaders” of the AR is hilarious. RamZPaul is a comedian who uses irony to poke fun at PC and to argue for the rights of ALL races and ethnicities to have identity politics and nationalisms, which is natural. Furthermore, he has disavowed the AR (specifically, it’s 88-ers) quite a while ago.

2) The AR does not reject Christianity per se. While some in the AR do, others don’t. Christianity is certainly the root cause of the ‘pathological altruism’ we see today in the Western world, but Christianity itself is a giant topic with 2,000 years of history. IOW, there are some good aspects about Christianity and its history, and there are some bad aspects. He is right in saying that Nietzsche is a key figure for the AR’s perspective, but it is not essential to agree with Nietzsche to be in the AR.

3) This guy does not mention at all how ‘race realism’ and ‘human biodiversity (HBD)’ are cornerstones of the AR. There is a growing body of science demonstrating how the races are different, particularly in terms of IQ, levels of trust in the societies, aggressiveness in the societies, etc. When compounded over time, these genetic attributes lead to very different societies and very different civilizations. (I encourage people to read Nicholas Wade’s book “A Troublesome Inheritance” as a first book.) Denying this (as Civic Nationalism does, this being the default position of most traditional “National Review” type conservatives that dominate the GOP) is myopic and foolish, leading us into the dire situation the West now faces. Another seminal book I encourage people to read is “Who Are We” by the late scholar Samuel Huntington.

4) This guy implies the AR is very small. He is vastly underestimating the size of it. AR is like an iceberg. The number of AR people willing to ‘go public’ and attend a rally is likely small, for obvious reasons; the number of AR believers who want to stay anonymous is much larger. Furthermore, it all depends on how narrow one wants to define the AR. I look at it from more of a ‘big tent’ perspective. It’s very hard to measure the true size of the AR. The very fact that, every other day, the NYT and its ilk publish ‘alarming’ stories about the AR is a pretty good measure that we are larger than they’ll admit… and a threat to them. Otherwise, they would simply ignore us.

5) The AR is buttressed and fueled by youth. This is an underreported aspect of the AR. Millennials and even Gen Z are rejecting PC to a more marked degree, and with more intensity, than older generations. And a rejection of PC = realizing that Whites aren’t bad.

6) Women, namely young women, are entering the AR at a fast pace. Vloggers like Lauren Southern, Lana Lokteff, and Brittany Pettipone are speaking to 20-somethings who don’t want to feel ashamed for being white.

7) The AR does not have more in common with the Left than traditional conservatism. While there is the potential for common ground with the left in some respects (e.g., a form of communitarianism), the AR perhaps had more in common with the Boomer generation Left (anti-globalism; trade protectionism; enforcing immigration law to help domestic workers, etc), but it has nothing in common with the New Left of today, who have abandoned those issues and are now entirely consumed with anti-white animus, open borders, and militant political correctness.

The AR rejects the hyper-individualism of traditional “free market” conservatism (which is itself strongly influenced by libertarianism) for having led us to a society of shallow materialism, an atomized society with no more traditions left. If we were an ethnically homogenous white country, like we were in say the 1950s, with shared WASP values and traditions (acculturated over hundreds of years), then a more ‘libertarian’ approach might work. We could ‘afford’ to absorb and temper the free market’s tendency to want to erode traditional norms. But we are long past that. Multiculturalism has led to a new era of tribalism, instigated by the Left. And Hollywood culture has gone from making movies that reinforced WASP values to a culture that despises them, makes fun of them, and otherwise shits on them, while glorifying every form of degenerate and transgressive behavior imaginable (in the name of individualism and ‘self-actualization’) and every form of non-white bad behavior (in the name of ‘diversity’).

Given all this, especially the radical demographic shifts unprecedented in human history, the next logical step for whites, as a natural reaction, is “identity politics for white people”. Just the other day, for example, a poll found that 55% of white people in the country believe that whites are discriminated about. Think about that. That’s a lot of white people and, at 55%, in necessarily includes a lot of traditional Democrats. I suspect many of these white people have to realize, or soon will, that the next step in the logic of identity politics is for white people to collectively look out for *their* interests as whites, given how every other ethnic group has organizations to promote and lobby for their races’ interests. This is what figures like Jared Taylor and Kevin MacDonald have been working their lives to do. The taboo around this idea is losing its hold, particularly with younger generations. The taboo that an organization representing white interests is somehow ‘racist’, when the others aren’t, will fall in time, particularly as we get ever closer to the magic year when whites will be a minority in the very country they built.

8) The AR has an important antecedent in Paleoconservatism, from which figures like Pat Buchanan and Sam Francis were part of. But whereas many of the Paleos were religious, the AR is not religious per se.

9) There are some in the AR with grandiose visions of a pan-European white state, the repatriation of non-whites out of white countries, etc. This to me is pie-in-the-sky idealism. With some on the AR, a ‘virtue-spiraling’ takes place, which makes the movement harder to grow. Keeping it big-tent is the way to grow the movement.

10) The rapid ascent of the AR (out of essentially nowhere) in just the last few years is quite remarkable. In many ways, it is the U.S. playing catch-up to the much longer ‘New Right’ tradition that has existed in Europe for a much longer time. In Europe, their much older ‘Alt Right’ tradition has now successfully entered politics and parliaments. It remains to be seen whether something similar will happen in the States.

In summary, the MSM, GOP Inc, and guys like the one in this video, are struggling to make sense of what is going with this AR thing. 95% of the time they are totally missing the mark. This guy gets a few things right, but a lot of things wrong.

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