NPR: Black Lightning

This 4-minute NPR story (audio & transcript provided) on the upcoming CW superhero show Black Lightning is hilarious. “Superhero ‘Black Lightning’ Brings Social Conscience And Swagger To Primetime” (Hat tip: Mike).

Hey gang, it’s “the first woke network TV superhero show”!

Apparently, DC Comics created the Black Lightning character in 1977. When under stress (like when he gets pulled over by the po-leese), he gets all Hulk-like, with electricity. From the NPR piece:

That’s sizzling sound you hear is Pierce’s power, the ability to generate blasts of electricity, building up as he struggles to suppress his anger. It’s an ongoing theme of “Black Lightning,” a strong, principled man of color constantly under pressure.

Huh. I wonder what they’re trying to imply here? Black… cough… Lives… cough… Matter.

And what are we to make of this:

The show’s crime boss villain, Tobias Whale, is a black man who is also an albino played by Marvin Jones III, a rapper and musician with albinism. Jones says the character’s albinism allows the show to talk about prejudice and stereotypes inside the black community as Tobias reacts to feeling like an outcast.

From the audio clips, the show sounds dreadful. You can see more clips on the show’s official website. Friggin’ side-splitting stuff. It should last all of one season.

Keep trying SJW comic book & sci-fi content generators!

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