NYT: Alt-Right Alarmism Piece o’ the Day

In what is now a daily event at the NYT, today they have “An Alt-Right Makeover Shrouds the Swastikas”, yet another mischaracterizing hit piece on the Alt-Right.

The movement is also acutely image-conscious, seeing the burning crosses, swastikas and language of yesteryear as impediments to recruitment. Its adherents talk of “getting red-pilled,” a reference to the movie “The Matrix,” in which the protagonist ingests a tablet that melts away artifice to reveal the truth. New, coded slurs have emerged. Fewer pointed hoods, more khaki pants.

They talk briefly to James Edwards, Andrew Anglin, Richard Spencer, and Paul Ramsey.

The piece ends with that typical, smarmy, NYT flourish:

But for all the fresh approaches — the slick marketing, the internet savviness — the message remains the same. It is one of separation, of supremacy, of a refusal to recognize the equal worth of others who do not have the same skin tone or share the same religion.

The ascension of the alt-right has lifted some familiar names from the muck of the past, including David Duke, the white nationalist, Holocaust denier and former Louisiana state representative whose national profile has been resurrected.

When a reporter telephoned him recently to discuss the alt-right movement, Mr. Duke wasted little time with a question of his own: “Are you Jewish?”

What I found rather disturbing about the NYT piece: Although Jared Taylor is not quoted or otherwise mentioned in the piece, there is an accompanying photo of him walking his daughter to the school bus stop. The photo caption mentions the town Taylor lives in and the wide shot depicts some of the houses in his neighborhood. I guess printing his address would be too obvious.

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