NYT: “Beyond My White Sydney Bubble”

In “Beyond My White Sydney Bubble”, Lisa Pryor offers a maudlin paean to Multiculturalism:

SYDNEY, Australia — I have spent most of my life among the mostly white and Australian-born. But slowly over the last few years I have been moving beyond the comfort of my own ethnic group…

We are living multiculturalism, muddling through it. It is not perfect, but it is glorious and I would never go back. I have come to believe Anglo-Celtic Australia needs to work harder to integrate into this new mainstream…

Within this syrupy idealism, however, are a couple of rather strange passages. In virtue signaling her embrace of The Other, Pryor writes:

I have discovered that it is possible to arrange evening social events that are not centered on alcohol, unthinkable among white Australians. I have discovered other night lives in my city that I have not been a part of before, like chocolate cafes and karaoke lounges.

If all your friends are alcoholics or semi-alcoholics, then maybe you need to get new friends. Drinking is not a sign of ‘whiteness’. But a nice wine does compliment all those exotic and vibrantly diverse restaurants!

Then comes the strangest ‘defense’ of whiteness (?) I’ve yet encountered:

But I’ve also learned to stand up for, and explain, my culture. I remember a conversation about premarital sex. “Excuse me, that is part of my culture,” I said. My mother would have been horrified if I married someone without first having sex with that person.

C’mon NYT, can’t you come up with better “white people suck” op-eds than this?

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