NYT Columnist: “Dangerous Levels”

More on the meme that (pleasantly) keeps on growing:

Progressive New York Times columnist Thomas B. Edsall wrote on Tuesday that Democrats’ embrace of Obamacare’s redistribution scheme has angered and alienated working-class and middle-class Americans.

“Even though midterm elections favor Republicans, the 2014 results show middle and working-class dissatisfaction with the Democratic Party rising to dangerous levels, which threatens the party’s growing demographic advantages,” wrote Edsall.

As Breitbart News reported last Wednesday, the latest Gallup poll finds that President Barack Obama’s approval rating with working-class white voters has hit an all-time low 27%. Moreover, the Gallup poll’s findings were taken from opinion data collected prior to racially-charged riots in Ferguson, Missouri.

Edsall cites numbers showing that working-class and middle-class Americans fully understand that Obamacare takes money from the working class and gives it away to the lower class, thereby making things “worse for people like you and your family.”

Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) recent attempt to distance Democrats from the politically disastrous Obamacare debacle has been met with condemnation by some on the left who still support the deeply unpopular health care overhaul.

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