NYT Hires “Gender Editor”

More diversity of opinion (and employee ethnicity) from the NYT:

The New York Times on Tuesday announced the hire of a new “gender editor,” a role focused on reimagining the news “through an intersectional lens.”

Former Newsweek editor Jessica Bennett had occasionally freelanced for the Times in the past. She is also the author of the “part manual, part manifesto,” Feminist Fight Club: A Survival Manual for a Sexist Workplace.

“As executive editor of Tumblr, she helped oversee the first live-GIFed presidential debate,” the Timespress release notes.

“In her new role, which she officially starts on Oct. 30, Bennett wants to reimagine the news through an intersectional lens — and not just in one section of the paper,” Teen Vogue reports.

“The reality is that institutions, and old-school media institutions, were primarily created by and for white men,” Bennett told Teen Vogue. “But that has changed.”

Bennett first approached Times executive editor Dean Baquet three years ago, pitching a full-time reporting position focused solely on gender issues, according to Poynter. The discussions fell through, but the Times subsequently created the gender editor role.

So, what inspired her to finagle a position with the NYT? Well, Der Trumpenfuhrer of course!

At first she was overwhelmed, and didn’t know if she should apply, but the 2016 presidential election motivated her to make the leap.

“But then the election happened, and I knew I wanted to help shape the coverage,” Bennett said.

Yes, help ‘shape the coverage’.

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