NYT: Linda Richman’s Most-Emailed List

Influential NYT Consumer

Influential NYT Consumer

What never ceases to amaze me is how the stories that, each day, make the NYT’s “Most Emailed” list, serve as a connect-the-dots portrait of Linda Richman, the typical NYT reader and influence peddler. For example:

  • Linda is retired or soon-to-be retired. (See story #1.)
  • Linda is usually affiliated, in some way, shape, or form, with academia. (See story #2.)
  • Linda likes to go to nail salons… frequently. Hence, the angst and guilt in two stories on ‘exploitation’ in NYC nail salons. (See stories #3 and #10.)
  • Linda is Jewish. (See story #4.)
  • Linda is a Jewish mother (See story #5.)
  • Linda is interested in the Jewish billionaire who is Marco Rubio’s patron. (See story #6.)
  • Linda is a Hillary supporter. (See story #7.)
  • Linda continually feels guilty about black poverty (See story #8.)
  • Linda is a fan of ‘indigenous’ and ‘feminist’ artists (See story #9.)
  • Linda feels so guilty about the nail salon story at #3 above, that she has made a 2nd story about nail salons chart. (See story #10.)

The only story missing today is something about Streisand.


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