NYT: White Supremacists Are Increasingly Using Public Banners

White Supremacists Are Increasingly Using Public Banners” screams the NYT headline for a piece written by Maggie Astor. It’s basically the NYT’s excuse to publicize a new ADL ‘report’ on the subject.

White supremacists are increasingly hanging banners in public places, such as from highway overpasses and rooftops, to promote their views, according to a report released on Thursday by the Anti-Defamation League.

“While white supremacists have been using banners for some time, the number of banners deployed in the past 10 months marks an unprecedented trend,” the report said. The tactic, it added, is significant because it “can garner widespread attention with very little actual effort involved.”

From May 20, 2017, through this Monday, the A.D.L.’s Center on Extremism found, there were 72 such episodes.

72 episodes! 72! In a country of only 300 million people. Oh, the humanity.

According to the ADL, ‘white supremacist’ messages include messages such as “America first: End immigration” and “‘Diversity’ is a code word for white genocide.” The article is accompanied by two pics, one of which is of a sign saying “White Lives Matter.” This is what qualifies as ‘White Supremacy’.

The larger point of the ADL hit piece, and the NYT’s lackey work, is IMO to warn the NYT’s typical ‘globalist’ readers of the growing danger of Identity Evropa, who the article notes are responsible for 40% of the banners. So, at least IE gets some free press.

Identity Evropa describes itself as “a fraternal organization for people of European heritage located in the United States that participates in community building and civic engagement,” but the A.D.L. and the Southern Poverty Law Center describe it as a white nationalist group. The A.D.L. wrote in its report that the phrases on Identity Evropa’s banners — “Import the third world, become the third world,” for example, and “You will not replace us” — were “a sanitized version of the group’s true aim, the preservation of ‘white American identity’ and the promulgation of the idea that America was founded by white people for white people, and was not intended to be a multiracial or multicultural society.”

A NYT story on the rising threat of ‘white supremacy’ that cites both the ADL and the $PLC. How original.

What is hilarious is how the entire report (to address a whopping 72 incidents!) is significantly undermined in its “societal problem” angle by the fact that one guy accounts for a great many of the incidents:

Two other neo-Nazi groups, Vanguard America and Atomwaffen, hung smaller numbers of banners. Jimmy Marr, an Oregonian who once drove a truck emblazoned with swastikas, was behind many of the anti-Semitic banners the A.D.L. documented.

More banners were hung in Oregon than in any other state, most likely because of Mr. Marr, the report said.

Whoops! No worries, though, the headline is all that people will remember in a week’s time. When your paranoia-fueled organization (e.g., ADL, SPLC) has hundreds of millions of shekels gathered from Jewish donors who are themselves convinced that Hitler or the KKK is behind every tree, you can afford to churn out crap reports like this.

Finally, I loved this conclusion:

Extremist groups have become more active in the past two years, and have expressed a sense of invigoration since President Trump’s electionHate groups and hate crimes have become more common, and in a report released last month, the A.D.L. found that anti-Semitic episodes had increased 57 percent in 2017 from the year before.

If there is one incident of Hate Crime X in 2016, and then two in 2017, that’s a 100% increase! Quick, call our contacts at the NYT! Oy vey!

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