NZ as the Next SF

NZ has always seemed, relatively speaking, like an idyllic retreat of Western Civilization, an island (founded by Brits many years ago)

Over the years, whenever Rush Limbaugh is exasperated about something or other, he’ll posit rhetorically that ‘maybe I’ll just move to NZ and say the hell with it’.

The NYT has a piece on New Zealand’s move to high tech (“As New Zealand Courts Tech Talent, Isolation Becomes a Draw”):

For all sorts of reasons, New Zealand suddenly makes sense. The cost of living is less than in San Francisco. Commuting is less wearying. And American politics, “Brexit” and the Islamic State are on the other side of the world…

New arrivals describe New Zealand as more idealistic and less frustrating than other places.

But, unlike immigrating to the U.S., emigrating to NZ is much tougher:

Fantasies are rarely free. People applying for citizenship here are required to have spent 70 percent of the previous five years living in the country, and to commit to living in it afterward. Even humanitarian exceptions are rare.

While the article doesn’t say it, the immigration policy of NZ (much like Australia) is centered around what NZ needs… not what a potential immigrant may want or need.

In any event, hipster programmers are flocking to NZ so they can eventually turn it into… well… SF.

The piece has a picture of a guy, with the caption:

“I’d say the timing is coincidental but fortuitous,” said Nick Piesco, a programmer at Xero who moved from Austin, Tex., after the election of Donald J. Trump.

Other quotes:

“In the U.S., I feel extremely disconnected,” said Alanna Irving, 33, who came here from San Francisco to start two companies. “Things happen all the time that I don’t agree with or understand or think are really good for most people, and I just don’t see any way that I can change that.”

From Rod Drury, the chief executive of Xero, and “the biggest name in New Zealand’s tech scene”:

“Gay marriage, cultural tolerance, refugees, active strategies to address diversity — more than ever our leadership here is important,” Mr. Drury wrote in an email to his staff immediately after the election. He proposed setting a moral example by bringing “some refugee groups into our Wellington office.”


Into their Wellington office.

Political Correctness and self-hating white guilt will destroy every last corner of white majority societies on the globe.


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