Oasis – D’You Know What I Mean? (1997)

Another epic song by Oasis, from their third album Be Here Now (1997). This version, which boosts the string section higher in the mix, is the “NG’s 2016 Rethink” version, from the 2016 remastered version of Be Here Now. From Wikipedia:

In a 1997 interview promoting Be Here Now, Noel Gallagher had the following to say about the first single: “I was going to make up some profound statement in the chorus but I couldn’t come up with anything that fitted. Then I just thought “All my people right here, right now, d’you know what I mean? Yeah, yeah.” Very vague, very ambiguous, that’ll do. Look in the mirror and wink while you’re singing it and it’s quite saucy. And I f*cking love that line, ‘Coming in a mess, going out in style’. We were a bunch of scruffs from Manchester and we’re going out in a Rolls Royce.”

In another 1997 interview, this time on BBC, Noel Gallagher said: “I can’t believe I wrote it, it’s going to blow people away.”

Noel Gallagher has noted how the song was an instance of Oasis “ripping ourselves off”, due to the same chord structure as their previous mega-hit “Wonderwall”. “It’s not that I’m not expecting people to notice,” Noel said, “but I thought I could get another two tracks out of them one day.”

I met my maker, I made him cry
And on my shoulder he asked me why
His people won’t fly through the storm
I said “Listen up man, they don’t even know you’re born”…

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