Oasis – Supersonic (2016)

If you have Amazon Prime, the new documentary on Oasis is available for viewing. It’s well done (though you might need to turn on subtitle captioning to understand some of their cockney).

The film depicts their meteoric rise in just a couple of years, the long history of Noel and Liam Gallagher’s sibling rivalry and fighting, on through the band’s sudden ending.

Below is YouTube audio of “Wibbling Rivalry”:

“Wibbling Rivalry” is a single released under the name “Oas*s” by the Fierce Panda record label in 1995. It is a recording of John Harris (working for NME at the time) interviewing brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher of Oasis in early 1994, on the verge of their commercial breakthrough. The musicians live up to their reputation as feuding siblings by getting sidetracked into a curse-laden argument over an incident that happened on a ferry. As such, the title is a portmanteau of the expression sibling rivalry and the word wibble.

The single contains a ‘Liam Track’ featuring predominantly Liam’s use of profanities and a ‘Noel Track’ featuring Noel. “Wibbling Rivalry” holds the record as the highest charting interview release in the UK, reaching number 52 on 25 November 1995.

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