On the Window Dressing

The Times of Israel has an article on an upcoming YIVO Institute conference on the prominent role of Jews in the Russian Revolution. Here’s a quote from Jonathan Brent, the executive director of the YIVO Institute:

In America during the Cold War, there were so many Jewish members in the Communist Party that it was difficult to find someone to serve as party leader who wasn’t Jewish, says Brent. He also says that the entire underground espionage network in the USA “was heavily Jewish.”

Asked if speaking about this might provoke an anti-Semitic reaction, Brent replied, “I don’t care. The anti-Semites are everywhere. Let them come out and talk to their hearts’ content. I’m interested in the truth.”

To learn more about the crucial role Jews played in the birth and ruthless administration of Communism 1.0, see Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique, chapter 3 (“Jews and the Left”).

Here is a very good 11 minute video overview of CoC’s chapter 3.


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