Oskar Gröning

Who is Oskar Gröning? From Wikipedia:

Oskar Gröning (born 10 June 1921) is a German former SS-Unterscharführer who was stationed at Auschwitz concentration camp. His responsibilities included counting and sorting the money taken from prisoners, and was in charge of the effects prisoners had arrived with. On occasions he witnessed the procedures of mass-killing in the camp. After being transferred from Auschwitz to a combat unit in October 1944, Gröning was captured by the British on 10 June 1945 when his unit surrendered. He was eventually transferred to Britain as a prisoner of war and worked as a forced labourer.

Upon his return to Germany he led a normal life, reluctant to talk about his time in Auschwitz. However, more than 40 years later, he decided to make his activities at Auschwitz public after learning about Holocaust denial. He has since openly criticised those who deny the events that he witnessed, and the ideology to which he once subscribed.

So, 40 years after the War, he made public his witnessing the atrocities of Auschwitz. And he did so to rebut the claims of Holocaust deniers.

So, does the Tribe view this as a pathway to redemption? A desperate plea for forgiveness? An attempt to atone, in some small but significant way, for one’s sins?

No, the politics of Tribe-led political correctness seeks to destroy… yes, destroy… the life of every single SS soldier who fought in WW2. Even when it is 70 years after the War and Gröning himself is 93.

In September 2014, Gröning was charged by German prosecutors with accessory to murder, in 300,000 cases, for his role at the Auschwitz. His trial began in April 2015, after it was ruled that aged 93, he was able to stand trial.

His trial, at the age of 93, is ongoing.

Isn’t that wonderful.

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