Pew: Attitudes on HC vs. DT

While the country is one step closer to Helter Skelter, here is an interesting finding from Pew.

From data such as this, one can easily envision what sorts of ads Hillary’s massive strategy team will formulate in the months ahead. Hopefully, Trump’s team does the same:

In another sign of voter discontent, large numbers of the supporters of both Trump and Clinton view their choice as more of a vote against the opposing candidate than an expression of support for their candidate. More than half of Trump supporters (55%) view their vote more as a vote against Clinton, while just 41% view it more as a vote for Trump. Among GOP candidates since 2000, only Mitt Romney has drawn as much negative support (58% of Romney supporters saw their vote more as a vote against Barack Obama).

Clinton’s supporters are divided – 50% view their vote more as a vote for their own candidate, while 48% say it is more a vote against Trump. But that is the highest share of a Democratic candidate’s supporters viewing their choice as more a vote “against” the opposing candidate dating back to 2000. In 2008, just a quarter of Obama’s supporters said their vote was more a vote against John McCain than a vote for Obama.

The survey finds that Clinton is widely viewed as more personally qualified and possessing better judgment than Trump. A majority of registered voters (56%) say the phrase “personally qualified to be president” better describes Clinton than Trump; just 30% say the phrase better describes Trump. Far more voters also say the phrase “would use good judgment in a crisis” better describes Clinton (53%) than Trump (36%).

However, neither candidate has an advantage on honesty: 40% say the phrase “honest and truthful” better describes Clinton, 37% say it applies more to Trump and 20% volunteer that it better describes neither candidate.

Within their own parties both Clinton and Trump are viewed more negatively by voters who supported other candidates in the primaries than by their own primary backers. For instance, only about half (47%) of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters who preferred Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination say the phrase honest and truthful better describes Clinton than Trump. About a third (35%) of Sanders supporters say this description fits neither candidate, while 16% say it better applies to Trump. Among Democrats who supported Clinton for the nomination, 83% view her as more honest and truthful…

Trump viewed as candidate of ‘change,’ not necessarily for the better. Fully 77% of voters say Trump would change the way things work in Washington, compared with just 45% who say the same about Clinton. But more voters say Trump would change things for the worse than for the better (44% vs. 33%). A quarter of voters say Clinton would change Washington for the worse, while 20% say she would change things for the better.

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