Pew: How Americans Feel About Religious Groups

As I’ve noted here before, Pew Research has really been knocking it out of the park in recent years, with a regular flow of insightful surveys that are well put together. Their recent one is “How Americans Feel About Religious Groups” (hat tip: S. Sailer) which notes:

Both Jews and Atheists Rate Evangelicals Negatively, but Evangelicals Rate Jews Highly

Attitudes among religious groups toward each other range from mutual regard to unrequited positive feelings to mutual coldness. Catholics and evangelicals, the two largest Christian groups measured here, generally view each other warmly. White evangelical Protestants give Catholics an average thermometer rating of 63; Catholics rate evangelicals at 57. Evangelicals also hold very positive views of Jews, with white evangelical Protestants giving Jews an average thermometer rating of 69. Only Jews themselves rate Jews more positively. But that warmth is not mutual: despite evangelicals’ warm feelings toward Jews, Jews tend to give evangelicals a much cooler rating (34 on average).


As Sailer notes:

[W]e see that Jews are the most ethnocentric religious group as measured by self-regard on a 0 to 100 scale (89). In other words, although we constantly hear about Self-Hating Jews, there turns out to be less Self-Hatred (100-89=11) among Jews than among any other group (next least self-critical groups at 18 are Evangelical Christians and atheists). You know, it’s almost as if there’s some kind of a pattern in there somewhere …

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