Full SJW in “Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams”

Last night, I anxiously tuned in to watch the new series Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams on Amazon. The debut episode in my Amazon feed was “Real Life”, which is set in a futuristic L.A. Within the first 10 minutes of this episode:

  • The protagonist Sarah (Anna Paquin) is a white female cop with a male Mexican cop partner.
  • Sarah goes home to… her lesbian lover.
  • Sarah’s lesbian lover, seeing that Sarah is exhausted with her job, encourages Sarah to take a simulated, virtual reality ‘vacation’, which entails putting a headset on for a couple of hours to experience the alter-ego ‘life’. The protagonist does this and her alter-ego in the VR world is ‘George’… a black man (played by Terrence Howard.)
  • Not only is lesbian Sarah now a black man, but a black man who is a billionaire game designer.
  • The black man George himself grieves over his late wife who is… white.
  • The villains are all white men with British accents.

At that point, I turned the show off and swore not to watch any more of this series.

The SJW hi-jacking of Hollywood sci-fi has apparently reached critical mass.

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