Pizzagate – 12/16/15

Tonight, Me-Again Kelly interviewed James Alefantis, the creepy owner of Comet Ping Pong. She almost gets teary-eyed in her sympathy towards the creep.

She doesn’t inquire about any of the substantive Pizzagate-related touchpoints, especially those associated with Alefantis. She does broach one photo that Alefantis posted to his Instagram account, the one of the ‘little girl with her hands taped-down to the table’. Me-Again quickly moves on to another subtopic after Alefantis dismisses the photo as having had the ‘consent’ of the child’s parents… as if that is sufficient enough reason to not find the photo rather disturbing. Looking at this photo within the context of Alefantis’ other creepy child-centric photos might make one pause.

Here is a 2015 Australian 60 Minutes piece titled “Spies, Lords & Predators”, which looks into the history of elite pedophile rings in the UK (e.g., involving MPs, Lords, British spies, etc.)

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