Politico: Could the West Survive a President Trump?

Could the West Survive a President Trump?” screams a Politico headline.

No, not the American West… but the ‘Western World’ itself!

PARIS — After a long period of being in denial about the strange events across the pond, many European politicians and diplomats are finally getting real about the U.S. election. They are confronting the mind-boggling prospect that they could soon be dealing with an American president even worse, as they see it, than George W. Bush. Their very real fear is that if Donald Trump does get elected, the West as we know it may not survive.

No one summed up this fear better than Germany’s weekly Der Spiegel magazine, which put a picture of Trump’s face on its cover surrounded by flames, above a one-word headline — “Madness.”

Oi, Vey!

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