Politico: How Brexit Will Change the World

Politico has a piece titled “How Brexit Will Change the World” wherein “17 top economists, foreign policy gurus and historians look five years into the future.”

Laurence Kotlikoff (ahem), an economist at B.U., writes:

The biggest concern is geopolitical.The EU, notwithstanding all its flaws, has helped keep the peace in Europe for decades. Heaven forbid if the type of nationalism we are seeing in the Leave vote takes full hold of other EU members. We could yet see European countries doing what they have done for centuries— physically attack one another.

Danielle Pletka (ahem) of the American Enterprise Institute writes:

The world is enjoying a populist moment. Like all such moments, there is a mob quality to the Brexiteers, Trumpistas and others, but their sentiments rest on real complaints. If national leaders are committed to addressing the real problems that lie beneath the populism — a growing underclass, tides of refugees, and anger at government (not necessarily in that order) — then Brexit will be a wake-up call. Otherwise, it could be 1933 all over again, with years of fractured politics, anger, dangerous decisions, isolationism and worse ahead. It’s up to those who wish for the crown of leadership to choose.

It’s always 1933 with these people.

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