Poll: Anti-Immigrant Sweden Democrats Now the Biggest Party

From The Telegraph:

An anti-immigration party with roots in the neo-Nazi movement has become Sweden‘s most popular political party, according to a YouGov poll published on Thursday.

Wow. 25% of Swedes today are neo-Nazis! Who knew!

This sorta reminds me of the ADL asserting that 25% of the global population is ‘anti-Semitic’.

The Sweden Democrats now have the support of 25.2 per cent of voters, putting them ahead of both the ruling Social Democrats with 23.4 per cent and the centre-right Moderates with 21 per cent, according to the August poll for Metro newspaper.

“It’s a tremendous breakthrough for us,” Tommy Nilsson, party manager for southern Sweden, told the Telegraph. “There’s too much immigration and too many beggars from eastern Europe. People are starting to realise that this is a serious problem for Sweden.”

The populist group has seen its support surge since winning a record 12.9 per cent of the vote in last September’s general election – largely on the back of growing disquiet about the country’s generous asylum policies.

Something is happening here, but you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?

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