President Bannon Is Dead, Long Live President Cohn

The Nation has a piece titled “President Bannon Is Dead, Long Live President Cohn”.

For years now, pundits have been tantalized by the notion that Donald Trump would make an historic pivot, roll back his most chaotic ideas, and return to the comfortably narrow range of political debate. During the campaign, Trump always frustrated this triumph of hope over experience. But in the last several days, Trump has actually pivoted.

It’s just that he’s pivoted into Jeb Bush…

[Gary Cohn is] going to be as toxic for Trump’s approval ratings as Bannon before him. Breitbart comment threads now thunder against the rise of the globalists routinely. Cohn-ism, tied to the most hated company in America not named United Airlines, will cost Trump his base without picking up anyone else, plumbing new depths of opposition. Before long Trump will be as popular as Jeb Bush, too.

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