From Richard Benjamin’s Searching For Whitopia: An Improbable Journal To The Heart of White America (via VDARE):

“Most whites are not drawn to place explicitly because it teems with other white people. Rather, the place’s very whiteness implies other perceived qualities. Americans associate a homogenous white neighborhood with higher property values, friendliness, orderliness, hospitality, cleanliness, safety, and comfort. These seemingly race-neutral qualities are subconsciously inseparable from race and class in many whites’ minds. Race is often used as a proxy for those neighborhood traits. And, if a neighborhood is known to have those traits, many whites presume—without giving it a thought—that the neighborhood will be majority white.”

I think of the many liberals I know who live in such whitopias, but would never ever concede race as a factor in their decision to live where they do.

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