PSU: “Let’s Talk About Diversity”

Although we read about it daily, there is no substitute for seeing PC insanity in action, such as this recent event (“Let’s Talk About Diversity”) at Portland State University, which focuses on the James Damore incident as a gateway to the issue. Thankfully, the entire panel is un-PC and is basically presenting a Critical Reasoning 101 mini-course.

Begin at the 8:18 marker to hear philosophy professor Peter Boghossian, himself a liberal but of the un-PC type, accurately quote from James Damore’s “infamous” memo. Then watch how, at the 20 min marker, your typical blue-haired SJW chicks exit the proceedings, sabotage the audio system, yell about “Nazis” and scream “F*ck the police!”

Boghossian then does a good job reprimanding the SJW’s totalitarian behavior and continues to confidently hold court for the rest of the proceedings. Evergreen State biologist Heather E. Heying provides solid presentations of how statistics works, what it means, etc.

SJW types begin their Q&A around the 57:30 marker. The two idiots between the 1:02:30 and 1:05:10 markers are hysterical. The self-proclaimed “male ballet dancer” at 1:09:00 is rather funny, as is the she-man beast at 1:19:30. And the final questioner (which starts at the 1:40:40 marker) is hilarious: an aged Gender Studies woman whines that the panel being seated ‘higher’ than the audience represents an undue power relationship which is “perpetuating the status quo and the hierarchy”.

What is truly astonishing is the sheer number of SJW freaks who dominate public forums on campus.

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