Race Realism & Jews

Of the great anti-PC Seinfeld moment below, where Seinfeld defends his excellent series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee from being ‘non-diverse’, John Derbyshire writes:

There is particular encouragement in Seinfeld’s being Jewish. Any time I talk about the prospect of our elites turning race realist, someone responds with: “That’s all well and good, but you’ll never get the Jews onboard.”

I acknowledge the problem. Steve Sailer describes political correctness as “a war on noticing”—on noticing human group differences, that is. This has fit neatly with Jewish obsessions. The last few generations of Jews in the West have seen it as a key ethnic interest not to be noticed. In the debates that followed the publication of The Bell Curve twenty years ago, Jewish lit-crit panjandrum Leon Wieseltier declared himself “repelled” by the book’s recording the fact of high mean Ashkenazi intelligence—a fact that is as plain as a sunrise and obvious to everyone. Eek! Somebody noticed!

Jews have thus been prominent in enforcing PC orthodoxy on the straightforward calculation that if noticing is outlawed, Jews won’t be noticed. This is why the sacred texts of PC have Jewish authors, and heretic-hunters and their organizations are disproportionately Jewish.

This might change, though, as the causes of Jewish insecurity fade…

I thus have some hopes for the new generation of Jews. For years I have been patiently explaining to race-realist friends who grumble about Jewish enforcers of orthodoxy that no social movement in the West will get anywhere unless it can recruit some smart Jews. Jews are the word people par excellence. To publicize, convert, propagandize, and litigate, you need Jews.

“Again with the cockeyed optimism,” you may say, but I do believe some turn in this direction is taking place. I attend a lot of race-realist and PC-defying clubs and conferences. I am always heartened to see the number of young people at these events, and I’m somewhat specially heartened at the number of smart young Jews. (Along with some smart older ones.) It may even be that an accelerant here is the smash-mouth ethnocentrism of Israeli Jewry, though I’ll allow that could push in more than one direction.

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